January 25, 2021

Tips to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Day

We often find getting enough exercise to keep you healthy and energized is very difficult. Well, there are ways that you can fit exercise into your busy day.

1. Consider setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier in the morning to give you time for a 20 minute workout. This does not have to be everyday. If you did this 3 days a week you can get an hour of exercise time in that you did not have before. Exercising in the morning before you day gets going is often easier as you are not yet caught up in all that you have to do that day. You can do yoga or exercise to one of those tapes or DVDs you bought but can’t find the time to use.

2. If your day includes business luncheons and dinners, consider if it might be more effective and better time management to do some of this business on the phone. Do you really need the hour and half for the dinner meeting to conduct this business? Can it be done in an hour instead? Use this ‘extra’ time to do some physical activity, even if it is just a brisk 30 minute walk.

3. Exercise while at work. There are several things you can do while seated at your desk to get some exercise in while working. One example is to keep some small weights in your desk and use them while on the phone, especially if you think it is going to be a long call. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you work on the 75th floor, take the elevator up to the 70th floor and walk up the last 5 floors.

Use these tips as a starting point and be on the lookout for more spots in your day where you can fit in a little exercise. You don’t have to go all out for 45 minutes to reap the benefits of exercise. Short exercises done throughout the day add up and don’t seem like such a daunting task.

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