December 3, 2020

5 Myths About Fitness Exercise

Every time we go to the gym, we go with the idea of having amazing results in the shortest time. Due to this opinion, myths have been created. Here are some myths that you should know.

1. The first myth says that if you don’t get muscular fever you don’t work enough.
Many of the fitness practitioners consider muscular fever as proof of their work made in a workout session. In reality, the fever appears only with the first few sessions of fitness exercises. This is due to the fact that before starting the exercises the muscles haven’t been well oxygenated. In time, the body starts to adapt to the rhythm and you will not feel the muscular fever as much as in the first few classes.

2. The second myth is based on the statement that if you don’t sweat, you don’t lose weight.
Perspiration is not connected to the calories consumption. This appears as a consequence of the body’s inability to adjust and maintain the internal temperature. Another consequence of this problem is the fact that through perspiration water and heat are eliminated from the body. The burning of the calories implies muscular consumption resulted from the effort you make. In this case, perspiration is not a calories consumer. It only dehydrates and hinders the physical effort.

3. Do workouts before eating in order to amplify the effects.
This way of doing exercises is not recommended, mostly due to the fact that it doesn’t give good results. Doing workouts without eating may cause hypoglycemia and you can lose consciousness. And due to the lack of sugar, the body begins to process the proteins stored in muscles and in muscle tissue. This prevents you from going further with the exercises. You are recommended to eat a small quantity of food that is of high protein before attending a workout session.

4. The exercises made through weight lift harm the body’s skeleton.
Studies have shown that working out with weights does not modify the body’s skeleton. The main issue is the way you work out and the position of your body during fitness workout. The excessive muscular growth of which women complain is rather related to genetic factors than to the work out with weights. Your body needs the cardio exercises, the fitness exercises and the stretching exercises. Specialists claim that all these different types of exercises should be combined in a program to achieve the best result for the fitness of your body.

5. Drinking water during exercises determines cramps.
After physical effort, the body dehydrates. In reality, dehydration provokes cramps, not the water consumption. Drinking water during exercises helps the hydration of the body.

These five myths present facts that people assume is true. If you decide to go for a workout session, you should do some research or consult a fitness trainer. You should know what the purpose of your workout is and the exercises that you should do to achieve the results you want. In this way, then you can have a fruitful and rewarding workout session.

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